About us

We deal with big real estates !
Re Group – it is the knowledge about commercial real estates, which means these that you purchase to make a profit. We deal with servicing  such properties, based on an 20 - year experience in the management of shopping centers and office buildings. Our work is always based on the market, taking into account the demand and supply, so as to achieve the goals.

We are educated, we know the management of real estates and we have documents to prove it !
Re Group –  empathy in business. We always work with people and for people. We build good relations based on trust. We fulfill the tasks entrusted to us professionally. We devote ourselves entirely and take full responsibility.

We are conscientious, reliable and we do it professionally !
Re Group – this is reorganization, we often use this principle in the management of the assets entrusted to us when the costs are too high, the revenues  too low and there is no profit. We know what needs to be changed, how to do it and when to implement it.

The company is focused on development. We maintain a high level of service, we want to gain experience and knowledge through managing a greater number of properties. We build long - term relations, we invest in people.
The client is the most important, thus one can be sure that we work for him/her.