Managing properties
The company specializes in managing large-format properties. Our  main purpose is to  enhance the value of the property through appropriate management of the entrusted estate.
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Commercialisation of the property
We know that commercialisation of the property is always connected with people, their likes, expectations and comfort. We know how to create and plan modern retail spaces so that a tenant could work comfortably and a client could have a nice time willing to spend some money when the opportunity occurs. We have a great experience in commercialising office spaces. We provide safe lease for the owner of the property and comfortable  working conditions for the tenant. Repeatedly we have been able to create a building that assembled various brands and the client could thematically  choose a desired product. Nevertheless, the most crucial principle of commercialisation is building a solid relation between a lessor and a lessee. We do know how to create business based on trust and respect !!!

There is always a choice of selling your property through the mediation of our company. Security of transactions is ensured by insurance and professional license certifying our competence and knowledge. An investor may be willing to make some changes in the real estate portfolio in order to obtain the highest financial profit. Therefore, we have created a department of mediation in divesting or selling the property. We deal with searching and joining the parties of a transaction which results in client's satisfaction and enabling our company to take care of a property entrusted to us.

Properties for sale
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